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Greece is well known for its ancient history, its civilization, its stunning light, its clear water, its variety of sailing areas, its endless natural beauty and of course its hospitable people. Taking all the above into consideration together with the biggest charter fleet worldwide, we have the ideal location for a yacht charter or simply a sailing paradise on earth.

Each island offers a different experience from the impressive whitewashed houses of the Cyclades Islands to the exquisite natural beauty of the Ionian Islands and to the special character of the Dodecanese Greek islands.
Greece is the sailing destination no one should miss.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Greece for your Sailing Charter

  • Quality of the Greek waters
  • Abundant Adventures in a wide-ranging scene
  • Summertime at its best, endless sunshine & blue sky
  • Marine life and underwater magnificence
  • Greece has the bigger charter fleet in the world
  • Greek hospitality, mentality, food, and service
why sail in greece
#1 Quality of the Greek water

Greece had the top position in seven consecutive years for the highest standard of swimming water between the countries tested (UK, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece). In 2008 and 2009 Greece was second and on 2014 it managed to pick a 97% approval on its‘ water quality. The famous „blue flag“ was awarded to numerous beaches, without considering the beauty and the crystal waters all of the smaller Greek islands and islets, inlets, coves and sea caves that can only be accessed by boat.

#2 Abundant Adventures in a wide-ranging scene

With more than 2,900 islands and islets and rocks, 1,431 beaches, endless blue seas and over 3,700 km of coastline Greece is THE sailing destination. There is no doubt Greece offers plentiful possibilities in yacht charter.

There are five areas in Greece with different sailing conditions that can cater every taste, every level of competence, no matter if the crew is a family that looks for a safe, quite and relaxed holiday or a party of friends in the hunt for night life and fun, or hardcore sailors in search for real wind or naturists seeking seclusion and untouched beauty.

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#3 Summertime at its best, endless sunshine & blue sky

Out of 365 days a year, Greece’s sunshine and blue skies are well above 250 days.
December and January are the months with typical rain and cold, followed by partially cloudy spring days with rising temperatures. Lately, a few tropical rain showers (lasting from just a few hours to one day) in August or September are expected and most times are all welcomed as a chill from the high temperatures.

#4 Marine life and underwater magnificence

The Greek Dolphin -painted on many antiquities- is a symbol of peace and prosperity to the Greek people. It is an amazing sailing experience to sail with Greek Dolphins since they love to play with sailboats and especially with catamarans as they really enjoy swimming in between the two hulls directly under the net. Not by coincidence, too many people are proud of the exciting moments they lived and the amazing photos they shot with the dolphin near their bow and with the sea turtles and seals, they swamped with.
The largest concentrated population (up to 800 sea turtles each year) of the Careta-Careta Sea Turtles can be found on the shores of Laganas Bay of Zakynthos (Zante) island in the Ionian Sea from June through August. The beach has been designated from the Greek Ministry of Environment as an environmentally controlled area.
Sailing holidays in the Greek islands should not add any more weight to the clogged natural life.

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#5 Greece has the bigger charter fleet in the world.

Although no official survey has been carried out recently, it is a common secret that Greece operates the largest number of yachts for charter compared to all other countries on earth. Bareboat, fully crewed, yachts with skipper, speedboats, luxury motor yachts for private yacht charters, sailing yachts, catamarans, self sail motor boats, sailboats, motorsailers, flotillas, cabin charters – they are all offered from over 15 charter bases in Greece. Most vessels in Greece belong to the bareboat category since bareboat charters are the most popular, efficient and economic way for sailing holidays. Luxury yacht charters are also a strong point of the tourism in Greece since many new crewed motor yachts have been introduced for sailing holidays in Greece from 2006 to 2010.

#6 Greek hospitality, mentality, food and service

Even though the profit is the main purpose of every business in the tourism industry and despite Greece is a quite old tourist destination, the Greek hospitality still retains its very good reputation. Nice and warm people will assist you in most cases; will invite you to join their wedding celebration party as if you were a relative of the family and will generally treat you as a friend. The Greek wines, fresh fish, vegetables and the unique Greek cuisine (lately discovered as the most complete, balanced and healthy nutrition diet) are some of the stronger motivations for anybody to select Greece for sailing holidays. (we got help and copied things from